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Wrist Gripper Kit

Wrist Gripper Kit

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Enhance your finger strength and overall fitness with our Finger Rehabilitation Training Fitness Equipment. Designed for individuals seeking to build muscle strength and recover from injuries, this versatile tool offers customizable resistance levels and precise tracking capabilities for an effective workout experience.

Key Features:

1. Adjustable Resistance: With a knob adjustable resistance mechanism ranging from 10kg to 100kg, our hand grip strengthener caters to users of all fitness levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, you can easily customize the resistance to suit your needs.

2. Durable Construction: Crafted from sturdy stainless steel, our hand gripper trainer features thickened high-elasticity springs that resist wear, rust, and breakage. This ensures long-lasting durability and reliable performance throughout your workouts.

3. Accurate Counting: Equipped with a high-definition digital display, our forearm hand trainer provides precise counting of repetitions. The one-button reset function allows for easy clearing of counts after each set, enabling accurate tracking of your progress.

4. Comfortable Grip: Our finger massager expander features an ergonomic design with TPR material, offering a comfortable grip that minimizes strain on your hands. The curved handle design fits seamlessly with each finger, enhancing control and reducing discomfort during use.

5. Enhance Physical Fitness: By regularly using our fitness training wrist gripper, you can strengthen your arm and wrist muscles, improve blood circulation, and promote bone and muscle growth. Additionally, it helps relax tendons and stimulate meridian pathways, unlocking your body's full potential.

Invest in your fitness journey with our Finger Rehabilitation Training Fitness Equipment and experience the benefits of enhanced strength and improved overall wellness.Specifications:Origin: Mainland ChinaType of sports: Strength TrainingType: Electronic Counting GripperFunction: ARMSModel Number: Hand GripsDepartment Name: UnisexTraining Site: Hand,ARMSMaterial: TPR+ABSColor(optional): RedPackage Size: 240*120*40mm/9.45*4.72*1.57inWeight: 180gTimer: Includes button cell batteryPackage Includes: 1 x Hand Grip Strengthener 

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