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Portable Butterfly Training Knife

Portable Butterfly Training Knife

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🦋 Level up your butterfly knife skills anytime, anywhere with our Portable Butterfly Training Knife! 🪚

Perfect for beginners and experts alike, this foldable Balisong Trainer lets you practice your flipping techniques safely and stylishly. Whether you're honing your moves at home or showing off your skills on the go, our pocket flail knife trainer is the ultimate training tool for mastering the art of the butterfly knife.

💫 Flip with finesse: Our trainer features an uncut blade design, so you can practice your moves with confidence and precision, without the risk of injury.

🎉 Customize your training experience: Personalize your trainer with our fun stickers included with every purchase. Add a touch of flair and make your training sessions uniquely yours!

Upgrade your flipping game with our Portable Butterfly Training Knife and become a butterfly knife pro in no time! 🪖🦋

Razor knife rack:* Full-length 13.7CM 85g / OPP independent packaging (without blade)* Can be used for haircuts, shaving, legs, sweat and armpits* Do-it-yourself bangs, long hair, and yellowish, split hair* Use removable blades*Easy to clean, easy to use; economical and practical, easy to carry.

Note: Please keep the hair clipper out of the reach of children

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