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Car Wash Shampoo Super Foam

Car Wash Shampoo Super Foam

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Get your car sparkling clean with Car Wash Shampoo Super Foam! Our Ultra Concentrated formula is designed to make cleaning your vehicle a breeze. Our high concentrate car wash soap provides superior care for your exterior clear coat and washes away dirt, grime, tar, and bugs quickly and easily. Perfect for use with a foaming gun sprayer or traditional bucket method to completely cover your car with this all purpose soap/shampoo cleaner. Plus, it's safe on waxes and ceramic coatings already applied to your vehicle - so you don't need to worry about damage! Plus, this unique blend of biodegradable surfactants create a deep cleaning lather that lifts away dirt with ease while adding an extra layer of glossy shine. Make 256 gallons of car washing soap from just ½ ounce per gallon of water - so you can get more suds for less! Get your car shining like new again with Car Wash Shampoo Super Foam - the perfect solution for all your auto detailing needs.




Net Content: 500ML
Color: Pink


Package Includes:
1 x Car Wash Waxing Shampoo

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